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RAFFLE - Vicuna Kit $450 Value 2022

Wow!  You could have your very own Vicuna yarn - the most luxurious and rarest fiber in the world!  For just $5 per entry, you have the chance to win Amano's vicuna yarn set, which includes a beautiful wooden gift box, 2 balls of 25g vicuna, and pattern by Martha Wissing for a beautiful cowl and a gift bag!  Why is vicuna so special?  

Vicuna is a small member of the camelid family, ancestor of the alpaca, living mostly in the Andes highlands.  They are known as the "bearer of the golden fleece".  These darling animals were sacred to the Incas and highly valued for their ultra-fine wool.  Their fibers were only worn by Emperors and their families.

Vicuna wool can only be harvested once every three or so years.  It's softer and more expensive than cashmere and highly valued because it's so rare.

RULES:  $5.00 per entry.  You may enter for as many slots as you'd like, as long as they show available.  You can purchase online or in-shop.  Once you purchase a specific number, you can't change that number.  No refunds or exchanges.  Once all slots are filled (100 chances to win!), a drawing will be held to select the winner!  Winner can choose from either black or brown vicuna kit.  Please ensure you include a contact method (phone or email) so that if you win we can include you.  Winner will also be announced on Instagram, Facebook, in-store and in our newsletter.  If you are the winner, you have up to 30 days to claim your prize.  We will attempt to contact you 3 times during that time.  If we haven't heard from you for verification and mailing, we will draw again and select a different winner.