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We are a family-owned yarn company located in Uruguay and Peru and we have developed a line of Hand-Dyed yarns of incredible softness and wonderful color variations. Our products are made out of the softest fibers available and inspired by nature, as well as landscapes, places, art and day-to-day life. This is what we try to represent when naming our 21 yarn varieties and the range of over 400 colors they come in.

We produce yarn because we are passionate about it. We believe in the pleasure of knitting with high-quality, carefully designed, subtly dyed yarns and in the joy of wearing what is created with them.

Our wish is to continue developing yarns and colors to inspire people all over the world and, in return, be inspired by them.


Most of malabrigo’s yarns are made with 100% Uruguayan Merino wool. Uruguay has one of the biggest wool supplies in the world, and for good reason as it is of an extremely high quality, especially in regards to softness. Our wool is 100 % produced by Uruguayan farms that allow their free - range sheep through the hills and are herded by actual old - style shepherds.The controversial practice of mulesing does not exist in Uruguay.When using Merino wool of a different origin, we make sure it is also mulesing - free.

Some of our yarns use other fibers, such as Silky Merino (a blend of our Merino and top-quality Silk), Mora (100% Mulberry Silk) and Silkpaca (Baby Alpaca from Peru and top-quality Silk). As well as the Dos Tierras, a blend with 50% of our Merino with 50% Baby Alpaca from Peru and our newest yarn Caprino (a blend of Alpaca, Cashmere and Merino) and Verano (100% Pima cotton).

We always ensure that our materials come from the best suppliers available here in Uruguay and around the world.

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Malabrigo Rios



Malabrigo Washted



Malabrigo Sock



Malabrigo Caprino



Malabrigo Mechita



Malabrigo Rasta